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Hal Moore Biography

Lt Gen Harold G. Moore (USA-Ret)

February 13, 1922 - February 10, 2017

Gravesite: Section C, Site 259 at the Fort Benning Post Cemetery, Fort Benning, GA, USA

Hal’s story began in Bardstown, Kentucky; a tiny community tucked in the foothills of the Ohio River Valley. His generation grew up hearing the harrowing tales of the Great War, the decadence of the Roaring Twenties, and experiencing the hardships of the Great Depression. Hal learned to appreciate the value of hard work and took various odd jobs to help make ends meet – cutting grass, caddying and even being a waterboy at the Guthrie Distillery Warehouse. 

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Joe Galloway Biography

Joe Galloway Joe is a native Texan. At seventeen, he was a reporter on a daily newspaper, at nineteen a bureau chief for United Press International. he spent fifteen years as a foreign and war correspondent based in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Singapore, and the Soviet Union. After UPI service in Los Angeles, he spent several years as a feature and Senior Writer in Washington, DC with US News and World Report. For that magazine, he covered the Gulf War and co-authored Triumph Without Victory; The Unreported History of the Persian Gulf War.

Joe talked his way into the X-Ray battle, and, sitting on a box of hand grenades, landed in a Huey at 9:30 PM the first night. He remained on the ground with the men of the 1/7 Cav for the rest of the 3 day battle.

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