Ia Drang Veterans


Rackstraw, Litton and Deal

Left to Right: LT Jim Rackstraw (Plt Ldr 1/7 Recon), CPT Larry Litton (was Plt Ldr with D/1/7), LT Dennis Deal (Plt Ldr, B1/7)


Richard Rahm

Photo of Joe Galloway and Capt. Richard Rahm, CO HHC, 3rd Bde. Taken in '65…..'66? Photo by Ron Sleeis


Clinton Poley

Clinton Poley – M60 machine gun crew, C/1/7. WIA three times at Xray. Army Photo


Mike Patterson

Private First Class, Rifleman, 2nd. Platoon, B Company, 1st. Battalion, 7th Cavalry. Served in Ia Drang Valley on November 14 & 15, 1965. Murdered in 1984 in Georgia. Photo copyright and courtesy of Raleigh Patterson


Palmer, Hurdle, Savage, Merchant

B Co 1/7 CAV in Oct 1965. Left to Right: Kneeling – Plt Sgt Palmer (KIA), SSG Hurdle (KIA), SGT Savage. Beyond Hurdle, Lt Dick Merchant (with cap)

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