Ia Drang Veterans


Joe Marm

LT Joe Marm, Plt Ldr, A/1/7. Won the Medal of Honor in Xray 11/14/65. Army Photo


Ray Lefebvre

CPT Ray Lefebvre at a reunion. He was the CO of D/1/7 and severly wounded in action at Xray on 11/14/65


Dick Knowles

Brig Gen Dick Knowles was the ADC-Opns for the 1st CAV. Army Photo


Fred Kluge

SGT Fred Kluge, A/1/5 CAV. Led a midnight patrol on 17 Nov 65 to bring in isolated wounded.


Neil Kroger

2LT Neil Kroger – KIA 11/15/65; Xray. Died holding the line in Charlie Company

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