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This site has been active since 1995, when I created it to honor the Veterans of the Ia Drang Campaign and, by extension, the valor of all who served in that war.

Over time, I received a few donations to help fund the site. For example, ViewPoint Systems sent a nice donation last year.

I have no idea what this has cost over the 28 years the site has been online. But it is significant! In 1995, hosting along cost $600 – $1,231 in today’s dollars.

Thankfully, hosting does not cost that much now, but hardware, development software, and internet access cost a significant amount. 

If you want to help, “buy me a cup of coffee” at the link below for as little as $5. If you want to become a sponsor of the site, let me know (, and I will gladly put your company logo in the footer after vetting.

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My privacy policy is simple. I do not collect anything. I do not use anything. As far as I know, the website template I used to create the site does not harvest any information.


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