Not a boring lecture! Moore uses very personal events and stories from his life to trace the development of leadership rules and principles equally applicable to military and business
"...brings alive General Moore's approach in a compelling, concise way"
"..excellent book. Moore's lessons apply to the boardroom as well as the battlefield.""
"Hal never left a soldier behind. He would not want to leave a reader behind either."
- Don Knauss, Former Chairman & CEO, The Clorox Company
- H.R. McMaster, author of Dereliction of Duty
- Tony La Russa, 3x World Series winning manager
Weeks and Weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.
Marine Corps Commandant's choice for book of the year in 1991
"A stunning achievement"
"A great book of military history...It is a gut-wrenching account of what war is really all about"
- General Norman Schwarzkopf
- David Halberstam
"It would be a monumental task for Moore and Galloway to top their classic 1992 memoir, We Were Soldiers Once... and Young. But they come close in this sterling sequel"
"The authors of We Were Soldiers Once and Young (1992) here powerfully recount their return to the battlefields of the first book"
- Booklist
- Publishers Weekly

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First Major Battle of Vietnam

A Vietnamese military maxim states: He who controls the Central Highlands controls South Vietnam In late October '65, a large North Vietnamese force attacked the Plei Me Special Forces Camp. Troops of the 1st Brigade were sent into the battle. After the enemy was repulsed, the 3rd Brigade replaced the 1st Brigade in early November. After... + continue reading

Landing Zone Xray

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Battle Animation - Initial Assault and Contact Battle Animation - Main Battle Lead elements of the under strength 450 man 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry air assault into a small clearing in scrub jungle... + continue reading

Landing Zone Albany

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Albany. 17 Nov 65 A B-52 strike of 800 500 pound bombs (200 tons) is headed for the near slopes of Chu Pong Mountain above X-Ray early on 17 November scheduled to drop at 11:17 AM. To get out... + continue reading

Book Research & Trips

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After reading the book in 1993, ABC officials decided to produce a television piece for the "Day One" Monday night show hosted by Forrest Sawyer (link to view the show is below). During... + continue reading

Author Biographies

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Lt Gen Harold G. Moore (USA-Ret) February 13, 1922 - February 10, 2017 Gravesite: Section C, Site 259 at the Fort Benning Post Cemetery, Fort Benning, GA, USA Hal’s story began in... + continue reading

Other Information

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The Plei Me Siege and Opening of the 1st CAV Pleiku Campaign In the late summer and fall of 1965, the PAVN B-3 Front is established in the Central Highlands of Vietnam under command of Brig Gen Chu... + continue reading


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During the battle at Xray, a US Army Combat Camera crew flew in.  These videos are what they filmed. You can get a sense of the terrain, the smoke of the battle and the associated activity.... + continue reading

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