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Hal Moore at Lz Xray

Battlefield Leadership

Hal Moore's thoughts on battlefield leadership

Read the prologue to the book

Many regard this to be an exceptional example of great writing

Vietnam Vet Wall

Ia Drang Scholarships

There is plenty of money available for children and grandchildren of Ia Drang veterans

Lt Col An

North Vietnamese Commander

Information on the North Vietnamese Commander during the battles.

Ronnie Guyer

Guyer Ia Drang Photos

Ronnie Guyer provided a number of photos taken during this time period.

Forest Ia Drang Photos

Ron Forest took some amazing photos during the fight at Xray as well as some general pictures back at base camp

Lz Xray After Action Report

Hal Moore prepared a detailed summary of the battle

Ia Drang Maps

Tactical, PAVN, and overview maps to orient you on where the battles occurred

Sun setting on Ia Drang valley looking west toward Cambodia

2014 Lz Xray Terrain

Michael Dineen provided photos showing the battlefield in 2014