1991 Trip

In early 1991, Random House Publishers contracted with Moore and Galloway for a book on the Ia Drang. Whereas the Oct 1990 story covered primarily the Xray fight, the two coauthors agreed that the Albany battle must also be covered in detail. Research and writing went into high gear that summer and fall. In November, they returned to Hanoi for research with each of the following:

Sr. General Chu Huy Man (Commanding General (then a Brigadier), Central Highlands forces 1965-66
Lt. General Nguyen Huu An (Operational Commander, Highland Forces in the Ia Drang as a Sr. Lt. Col)
Major General Hoang Phuong (Historian)

They talked with each officer for 5 hours, 15 hours total. it was not until they got to Hanoi that they learned that Lt. Gen An was the on-the-scene PAVN commander giving the orders at X-Ray and Albany as a Senior Lt Colonel, not then-Brigadier General Man.

These discussions were professional and amicable throughout. Gen An and Gen Phuong brought their Battle Maps and log books and were very forthcoming. Moore brought maps also, and each side was equally interested in the other’s tactics.

Upon return to the US, Moore and Galloway finished the first manuscript after sending draft chapters (for comments and suggested corrections) to key officers who were in the battles.

It went to Random House on December 20, 1991 for publication.